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Don't Drink and Drive

Let's B[oz.] India aims to increase awareness to curb drunk driving through the
D3 (Don't Drink and Drive) campaign.
Why choose Us?

Our Vision. Curb drunken drive & tobacco usage.

Enhance D3's position as one of India's most innovative and valuable campaign through state-of-the-art performance, creating an awareness on don't drink & drive and implication of tobacco usage.

Why choose Us?

Our Mission.Support and Fund cancer research. D3 was established to support and fund life-changing cancer research and recovery for under privileged section of the society at Adyar Cancer Institute (WIA), Chennai.

Why choose Us?

What we Do.Donation towards Cancer and Liver Research. D3 embraces its responsibility to curtail drink & driving cases and enhance the donation towards cancer and liver research in India. we wish to pledge towards donating to people who need it the most.

100% of the proceeds from the surprise bundle to ADYAR CANCER INSTITUTE(WIA), Chennai .


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Almost 70% of the road accidents in India are due to drunken driving. Low awareness rates , minimal fines and easy availability of alcohol make a for a deadly cocktail in Chennai .

Each cigarette smokes takes 5 to 11 minutes off the smoker’s life span.

1 in 4 smokers have changed their smoking habits 10 or more times.

Someone is killed in a drunk driving crash every 48 minutes.

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