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The Ultimate Indian Wine Selections

The Ultimate Indian Wine Selections


December 23 2016

09:40 am

The Ultimate Indian Wine Selections

As long as we have wine, the holidays will be fine!

As the month of December commences, one begins to indulge in reminiscing about their wonderful year.  The festive spirit of Christmas blossoms, spreading ripples of cheer, happiness, and a sense of togetherness. Amidst all the oneness, food and drinks, lies the holiday tradition of gifting. Wine has ought to be the best-easy Christmas gift (for adults!). It undeniably gives everyone that warm holiday radiance and festive joy. Fruity, crisp, soft or subtle, wine has a salivating effect on many.

We have curated the ultimate wine guide for this year’s Christmas! Our festive picks include an array of choices from dry to sparkling from India.

In no particular order:


Fratelli Sette (2011)

         1.Fratelli Sette (2011):-

                       This premium red wine is smooth, elegant and beautifully balanced transporting one to Italy! Price: Rs.800/-





         2.Charosa Selections Sauvignon Blanc:-

                       A perfect still, dry white wine that comes alive with an intense, tropical balance. Price: Rs.800 - 850/-





         3.York Sparkling Cuvée Brut:-

                       This sparkling wine is fruity, crisp, and sumptuous! Price: Rs. 975/-





         4.Zampa Soirée Brut Rosé:-

                       The refreshing bubbly is delicate and creamy with a dash of berry aftertaste. Price: Rs.1200/-





         5.Grover Zampa La Reserva :-

                       Often referred to as the best Indian red wine, is known for its ripe, spicy aromas. Price: Rs.1200/-





         6.Fratelli Sangiovese Bianco :-

                       A unique white wine with the personality of white wine and the characteristics of red. Price: Rs.800/-





         7.Charosa Reserve Tempranillo :-

                       This still, dry, ruby red wine is the perfect combination of coconut, vanilla, chocolate and berry aromas. Price: Rs.1500-2500/-





         8.Myra Reserve Shiraz :-

                       An elegant red wine with generous notes of vanilla and ripe red fruits. Price: Rs.800/-





         9.Sula Dindori Reserve Shiraz :-

                       The go-to red wine embraces age, classy oak and fruit extraction making it fragrant and smooth. Price: Rs.750-900/-





         10.Zampa Chêne Grande Reserve :-

                       This intense red is bold, oaky with the aftertaste of toasted coffee and vanilla. Price: Rs.1700/-
 (considered the red wine for Christmas!)




+1 Extra 

Krsma Sangiovese – An impressive wine that delivers mellow notes of dark chocolate, warm spices and nuts Price: Rs.1000/-

(available only in Karnataka)







From roast to the mash potato, the Christmas pies to the puddings, or any festive feasts you’re hosting this holiday season; eat, drink and be merry!

Merry Christmas from us to you! 

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