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Our Mission

Brewed @ The Lab is an early tech startup company, that envisages an innovative style of evolution. We are a small innovation house, headquartered in Chennai driven by our mission to uncover unique breakthroughs by fusing design thinking, strategy and vision. We are moulded by our love for modernism and simplicity. Our vision is to brew innovation through melding business ideologies and creative concepts. Our holistic approach to business is guided by a compelling interest to learn and change in the process of evolving. As an entity we believe in resilience and continual amalgamation of stimulating inspiration and ingenious life to produce solutions. We trust in experimenting, ‘cause we never know what awaits us at the other end. And that makes work exciting! We love what we do and that’s what defines us!

The work we do

Brewed @ The Lab's first product is a web/mobile application. This app combines lifestyle and technology thereby revamping the web/app economy in India. We are here to collaborate with the enthusing brains in the business/industry. Our dedicated team aims to bring the most outlandish ideas to life.

About Let's B[oz.]ounce

We have formulated a business model that rewards its users with a free drink for being loyal. Yes! You read that right. Who wouldn’t want free drinks?


The dynamic team bring in their combined academic and professional knowledge to discover new horizons. They look at the world differently but share traits of versatility, curiosity and modernism thereby bridging the gap between creativity and logic. Our latitudinal thinking encourages us to perceive opportunities otherwise and break down systems to produce state-of-the-art results.


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