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The 32[oz.] Challenge 1

Start: June 23, 07:30 pm

End: June 23, 11:30 pm

The Spring Hotel, Kodambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai - 600008

Rs. 700.00

The 32[oz.] Challenge 1

Welcome to the Let's B[oz.] 32 [oz.] Challenge, in association with the Bounce to Life Foundation.

32 Participants will compete in a one on one single-elimination tournament to determine Chennai's Chugging Champion.

At each stage, the participants must drink two pints as fast as possible. 
Whoever in each pair finishes their drinks first advances to the next stage.

This event is part of the Let's B[oz.] | D³ (Don't Drink & Drive!) Campaign, encouraging the party animals in Chennai to have fun, but stay safe.

Register at : bit.ly/32ozCH

Pre-Registration, Pay Online : Rs 550 /-
Pre-Registration, Pay at the Door: Rs 600/-
Spot Registration : Rs 700/-

For More details contact: 7871655514

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