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The other side of the bore and the base

The other side of the bore and the base

August 10 2016

10:51 am

The other side of the bore and the base

We all love to get together with our friends and slurp down some beer, but too much of it is not going to do any good. Be a responsible drinker and know what else can be done. As your nightlife guide, we from Let’s Boz.com should let you know all the wonderful uses that alcohol provides us. (Other than slurping it down. Yes!  It has uses! )

Are your metal handles missing that shine it used to have? Beer definitely shines up your mood, but it also gives that dazzle to your metal handles. A faucet, sinks, works on them all! Just rinse it with water after you are done.

The shining star of your friends’ night out, beer can also make you look good. Beer has antioxidants and has skin friendly ingredients that moisturises and smoothens the skin. Time for a beer spa day, maybe?

Not just skin, shine up your hair or a silky soft feel with a beer shower. YES! You heard that right. Use some flat beer in case you do not want the smell to say. (You can always use a hairspray!)

Remember that morning, when you sipped that coffee with that bad headache, and looked at your plans and thought, “How beautiful”. (Too many mornings to remember of?) But, have you ever thought, are they healthy? Save yourself from the headache and keep your plants healthy too. After that few pints of beer, be responsible to keep your can away! Leftover? Pour them over your plants and you shall notice the difference.

Surprised? Try them all and look up for this space for more interesting facts and to know more about the happenings of the city.

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