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Pop in the Bottle!

Pop in the Bottle!

August 21 2016

08:32 pm

Pop in the Bottle!

Wine, known for its class and that need-to-be drink in posh parties is often just considered just for the purpose. Yes, cooking is another, but it has classy properties that puts it use to more things as well.

Freeze it!

Instead of storing your wine just like that to make it turn into undrinkable vinegar, freeze it!  Sauces, marinades, dressings, it can be used for all! (Yes, you can drink it as wine again too!). If at times when you do not want to dilute your wine with ice cubes, frozen wine cubes comes to the rescue!

Soften and sass up your skin.

Soak some red wine in your bath or just apply a few drops of left over red wine on your face. Sprinkle it up carefully, (the dirt is difficult to get off, you do not want to stain your clothes. Red wine is proven to have skin softening properties. It also washes off the impurities on your face giving you a fresh look.  (Time for a dreamy bath, eh?)

The twist to cleaning your daily veggies and fruits

It is advised to wash your vegetables and fruits with water before having them cut, consuming them or even cook them! Wine is shown to have kill and wash away more impurities from your vegetables and fruits than just water. Pour some wine in a spray bottle and dilute it with some water. Spray them on to remove all those germs away. Wine’s cleansing property is so strong, it can kill microorganisms like E.coli and salmonella. (For those who do not know, E.Coli is a microorganism present inside our body. Over intake of wine might kill them in large number which is not good. Back to the basic rule: Drink responsibly!)

Next time, do not throw away any left-over wine; even a gulp can be useful.

Checking your fridge for leftovers anyone? 

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