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Mixin' it up!

Mixin' it up!

July 26 2016

09:09 am

Mixin' it up!

Drinking is the act of ingesting water or other liquids into the body through mouth. Lame… boring… oh no classes… Yes, I heard you. We’ve always had that little tiff with chemistry right? Well, Let me take a class that’ll make you fall in love with it. Well, at least this chapter ;)

Being the first article by me, a formal Introduction: I am Gayathri Krishnaraj and I will be your new teacher for the Subject Night life. From alcohol content to Date tips, you can learn it all and in the fun way. ;)

Let’s start with classes shall we? Let’s start with the basics.

Chapter 1: Alcohol Mixers – Part 1

Everyone has their way to drink the way they want. But, certain combos really give the zest in you without throwing the alcohol in your face. How many of these have you tried?

Get the numbers right!

Whiskey 80%, soda 10%,water 10% and 3 ice cubes

20% of vodka and 80% of 7up

The quantity matters!

Try vodka usually with Apple or cranberry juice. 60% vodka- 40%  juice if strong, flip it if you want it a little diluted.

Whisky usually goes on the rocks, otherwise 50- 50 with cold water. Dark rum, 30- 70 with coke!

Brandy 30-70 with Sprite.

Add it on!

Sometimes, try adding a sugar cube, cherry and ice for whiskey.

It's science actually.

Depending on mood, purpose, social drinking or a celebration the quantity of your alcohol matters.

For a light drink have Whiskey 30ml +20 ml Pepsi +10mL water

If a slightly stronger dose say 60mL, then 30mL Pepsi and 20mL water.

Try the new!

Nutella + arrack + beer + coke. Thank me later! :D

So that is it for Today’s class.

Keep a look at our site for various other tips and information. And, don't forget, drink responsibly! 

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