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Know your drink : Wine

Know your drink : Wine

August 21 2016

08:58 pm

Know your drink : Wine

Considered to be one of the ancient drinks of alcohol, wine carries its fame from almost 10,000 years back. Always up for a classic date or posh events, wine is the hero. Good conversations just pick up with wine. So much said and done, do we really know well about what we drink?

Here are some facts about wine that can awe you....

1. You can make wine on your wine!
Just squeeze some grape juice in a jar and keep it warm throughout. The yeast ferments and it turns into wine on its own. It might not match your brands, but, wine is wine in the end of the day.

 2. Dig wells! Well, they do in Africa.
An organization called wine to water in Africa uses wine tastings to dig wells.

3. Drinking responsible since ancient times
The ancient Greeks had glasses of wine that checked how moderated the person is. The entire amount of wine spills down if it was poured more than a certain amount into the glass. (We need them too, I guess)

4. Saves you!
Wine has natural cleansing properties and can kill bacteria effectively! It is believed that people used to drink wine to save themselves from diseases that are caused due to bad water.

5. Make em from the flowers!
The dandelion plant is rich with Vitamin K. Just 100g of it can provide 75% of the intake you need and can also be juiced out and stored to make wine!

6. Wine bottles can be opened with your shoe!
I’m just kidding with this one.

No. Wine bottles can actually be opened with your shoe! Keep pondering how and look out this space for more such pondering thoughts!

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