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How to get over a hangover- 1

How to get over a hangover- 1

August 10 2016

08:28 am

How to get over a hangover- 1

Saturday Night! Party! Obviously it is incomplete without having pecks of our favourite drink. (Remember, just a few pecks, because as my student, you should be a responsible drinker). All fun done and it’s Sunday morning, and there goes it! *HANGOVER* Spoils up the whole day doesn’t it? (Which is why, you should drink responsibly the night before).

As your teacher, I, Gayathri Krishnaraj, have to make sure you have a good experience even after your night. Here are some tips to get rid of that hangover!

A Simple Chemistry for a solution to the solution!

Ingredients: 1) 1 litre of mineral bottled water mixed with electrolyte (enerzal/electrobion/electro plus) – mandatory.

 2) 1 tab IMOL + - It is not mandatory, but do not use paracetamol under any circumstances.

Mix water with the electrolyte and chug it in 3-5 minutes. Sit down, Take the Imol.

 You will be almost fine by then, but do not forget to sleep within the next 7 hours!

Stay Hydrated!

Keep alternating your drinks with water. This helps to reduce the intensity of the action of alcohol on your body. If not for water, keep switching your drink to a non-alcoholic one, once in a while. A mock tail or fruit juice can come in a lot handy!

Scramble it! (With eggs)

Scramble your hangover away with a constant helping of some eggs while you have your drink. There is no scientific proof that it controls the alcohol stimulation, but it’s been helpful for many. If it is the next day morning, avoid eating anything greasy. It will leave you with nothing but a heart burn (The acidity feels).

Is there anything that coffee isn’t a cure for?


Work it out!

Pull yourself up. Go dome exercise or a small jog in the fresh air. That is bound to freshen you up.

All said and done, though there are various remedies for a hangover, it all starts with you. Know when to stop. Be a responsible drinker.


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