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Call your way out!

Call your way out!

August 15 2016

05:42 pm

Call your way out!

We at Lets Boz have firm belief that being responsible is what that keeps you free from all the troubles. Be it drinking, at work or even at home. Be responsible. Try to be the best of what your brain can be.

But, what happens after drinking? The alcohol hits up and we do not know what we are doing. Do not go to the place that landed you to the bar the first place. Well, pre act so that you can stay responsible after that as well. We will help you with that.

Do not lose your life or be a cause to the death of someone else. Drink responsibly, act responsibly. Introducing, the call driver and call taxi system. You can book a driver or cab or taxi who / that will reach to the place you are and take you home safe.

Trusted and reliable drivers, who will take the best care of you and make sure you, are home safely without any one getting hurt.

Why call drivers or call taxis?

Calling a driver to take you to your home or another restaurant will add to the safety quotient. No one knows what they do when they are on alcohol. Better safe than sorry.

How call drivers or taxis?

 An option available exclusively on our site, you can feed in your location and our drivers will be at your service.

 No hassle of picking up your car the next day from the bar, as our drivers would take you home in your vehicle.

Worried about the car? Or do not have one? You can always book a cab.

We do our best to keep you safe and happy at the same time. Let’s have some from your side. Be responsible. Drink responsibly. 

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