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Bike & Barrel

Bike & Barrel

November 09 2016

11:01 am

Bike & Barrel

Location: Residency Towers, T. Nagar

     Bike and Barrel is a pub that stays loyal to its American influences and decor. A night out at this place is definitely one worth remembering. The place does not disappoint and that is a guarantee.

What to Expect

       The pub is spread out over two levels. The ground floor is for women, couples and groups, while the first floor is for stag entries. The reason Bike and Barrel stands out is because it does not charge entry for stags. Service is excellent and the staff are eager to help and make your experience a pleasant and fun one.

       Seating is not an issue here. Each booth has ample space for a large group of people, a few friends or even a couple. For smokers, the smoking room, situated at the corner of the pub, is quite wide and spacious so as to facilitate conversing with others as well as much needed ventilation.

       For all those patrons who enjoy dancing, there is a large area between the tables and the bar for people to groove to their favourite tunes, let loose, and basically have a good time.With the decor, the ambiance, and the service, Bike and Barrel lives up to its American influences.

What to Order

       Bike and Barrel is a winner with their fairly strong drinks and mixing. While the signature cocktails, like the Bike and Barrel one with vodka, gin and rum, are excellent, the shooters particularly stand out because of the exceptional combinations of spirits and mixers. We at Let’s B[oz.] highly recommend the Kamikaze shooter (vodka, Cointreau, and lemon juice) and the Buttery Nipple (Baileys and chocolate syrup).

       Of course, no night out is complete without food. In this department, Bike and Barrel has you sorted and how! For us, the winner has to be the Cajun chicken tenders with garlic aioli (mayonnaise). The chicken is perfectly cooked and spiced and is complemented perfectly by the aioli. The other favourite to look out for is the bacon-wrapped chicken sausages (come on, it’s bacon, no discussion needed!).

       Vegetarians do not need to fret, because there are enough options for you as well. The nachos with three different types of cheese and their homemade salsa, along with their potato starter (comprising of tater tots, wedges and fries) are sure to have your lips smacking and tickle your taste buds.

Event Schedule

       As is universal, Wednesday evenings at Bike and Barrel is Ladies Night. Women are served unlimited domestic alcohol all night; quite a change from a lot of the pubs in Chennai (which either have a limit on number of drinks or time).

       For those of you who enjoy a good performance, Thursday nights is for a live band to come and perform at the pub.

       Friday nights are sure to excite all desi music lovers with Bollywood Night.

       The weekend gets even more interesting and exciting. Saturday nights are club nights with the best of EDM playing, and their Sunday brunch is one you simply cannot miss. Stay tuned for our review of Bike and Barrel’s Sunday brunch!

       Be sure to head over to Bike and Barrel on your next night out, possibly this weekend. Trust us, you DO NOT want to miss this place!

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